Apple’s Calculator App Set for Major Upgrade, iPad Release Expected: Report

Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce significant changes to its Calculator app across its product lineup, with the possibility of releasing it on the iPad for the first time. According to a recent report, the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 10 is expected to showcase previews of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, with the Calculator app potentially taking center stage.

One of the most notable developments could be the debut of a dedicated Calculator app for the iPad, marking its arrival on the tablet platform after 14 years since its inception. Sources familiar with the matter suggest that the iPadOS 18 update will include an integrated Calculator app compatible with all iPad models receiving the next OS update.

However, the enhancements to the Calculator app won’t be limited to the iPad alone. Reports indicate that macOS users may also witness significant upgrades to the existing Calculator app. Referred to as “GreyParrot,” the updated version of the app is rumored to feature a redesigned interface resembling its iOS counterpart, complete with rounded buttons.

Among the speculated features for the macOS Calculator app are adjustable window sizes, allowing users to resize the app window and transform the round buttons into pill-shaped buttons. Additionally, the app may introduce a history tape feature, enabling users to view previous calculations directly within the app interface. Versions of the history tape feature are expected to be available for basic, scientific, and programmer modes of the Calculator app.

Meanwhile, iPhone users could see a new Calculator-related feature with the integration of the Notes app. Dubbed “Math Notes,” this feature is rumored to allow users to export calculation information to a separate note, providing a convenient way to keep track of calculations or add supplementary information.

Overall, the anticipated upgrades to Apple’s Calculator app across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS promise to enhance user experience and productivity, offering new functionalities and improved integration across devices.

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