Delhi Metro May Open Just For Government, Essential Service Staff in Lockdown 4.0

Delhi: While the AAP government wants Delhi metro to partially restore its services from May 18, certain guidelines are being finalised as it has been noted that the services can’t be opened fully. Wearing of face masks, downloading of Aarogya Setu app, thermal screening has been made mandatory, but it has been observed that everyone can’t be allowed as of now. Like on the day of Janta curfew, metro services can be partially restored to only government and essential services staff.

Here are the challenges to reopen Delhi Metro:

1. Delhi Metro used to ferry more or less 30 lakh passengers daily. Even half of it would be 15 lakh – way too large a number to monitor.

2. Will a train skip stations that fall under containment zones? What will a passenger do in that case, in case he or she is not aware?

3. Since the capacity per train is being reduced, should the services be more frequent? Or, should it be less frequent to discourage people from using the metro?

4. Will the air-conditioners inside the coaches be a problem?

5. How to ensure that passengers are not standing?

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