Gemopai Miso E-scooter, India’s first social distancing scooter

India’s first social distancing scooter,Gemopai Miso e scooter has been launched in India at ₹44,000. The company added that it is now also accepting bookings for the Miso electric scooter in India for ₹2,000. It added the scooter is also available for bookings online and that its deliveries will begin next month.

“With the pandemic disrupting life and businesses in general, many practices, habits and things are evolving- including the way people move around. As we battle the crises and balance life and business continuity while staying safe, micro mobility presents one of the safest and resilient way to navigate everyday commuting. Miso is the ultimate solution for the young adult who needs a no hassle ride to their destination or for a daily commuter who needs to reach their office, without getting stuck in traffic. With the current ongoing safety concerns because of the pandemic, Miso’s single seat helps choose an affordable and safe ride.” Said Amit Raj Singh, co-founder, Gemopai Electric.

Gemopai Miso can be charged up to 90 per cent in two hours and claims to deliver a riding range of up to 75 km per single charge. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which means you don’t need a driving licence to ride the Gemopai Miso electric scooter.

The electric two-wheeler manufacturer added that the Miso is available in four colors, i.e. Fiery Red, Deep Sky Blue, Luscious Green, and Sunset Orange. In addition to that Gemopai is also offering a three-year free service package with the Miso social distancing e scooter in India.


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