What is the connection between Dileep and ‘July 4’ ?

Is there a deep connection between actor Dileep and July 4? Well, the date proved lucky for him year back and so he continued to follow it up.

The actor is a believer in the zodiac and it was told to him that the day would bring him luck, he got his first solo hit with Ee Parakkum Thalika on July 4, 2001 and the very next year, he got  a blockbuster with Meesamadhavan. With back-to- back hits in two years with release on the same day so he make sure his films release on July 4 in the coming years as well.

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CID Moosa in 2003 and Pandippada in 2005 released in the same date. Later, Dileep even titled one of his films July 4. However, the film could release only on July 5 and the film turned out to a flop.

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