UAE Mars Mission postponed due to bad weather

The spacecraft was initially about to launch on Wednesday at 12.51am UAE time. On Tuesday, teams were given the “go-ahead” to move the rocket to the launch pad but heavy rain began to fall, prompting a decision to reschedule the launch to Friday at 12.43am.

The team has a chance until August 3 to launch the mission. If missed, the teams must wait another two years until Mars and Earth realign favourably.

“The team would continue to monitor the weather and there was a chance the launch would be delayed again” said Omran Al Sharaf, project manager of Emirates Mars Mission.

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“The team has been working to launch the probe as soon as possible, but at the same time, we will not put the probe and the airspace at risk. This is a unanimous decision we have reached, in co-ordination with the UAE government and the Japanese partners.” He added.


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