Will eating potatoes helps you to gain weight

Potatoes is one of the most commonly used vegetables in the country and potatoes are most people’s favourite vegetable in India. However, some people think that eating potatoes will make them gain weight. Is this a fact or a myth? know if eating potatoes will add fat to your body.

Potatoes are rich in vital nutrients. This vegetable (per 100 grams) consists of Potassium, Sodium, Dietary fibre, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B-6, and Magnesium. Therefore, it is a healthy food, no doubt.

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But some theories state that potatoes aren’t good for the health because it increases the blood sugar level in the body, it is not entirely true. Potatoes have a medium glycemic index, and only a high amount of it will lead to a spike in the sugar level. It is also believed that the starch content in the vegetable leads to weight gain.


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