Bollywood says I am too dark and tall: Sameera Reddy

Actress Sameera Reddy is away from the silver screen for a long time after marriage. However, the actress is  active on social media where she is seen sharing pictures and videos of herself and her lovely children with her fans. In an interview with a news portal, Sameera reportedly opened up about beauty standards in Bollywood. She revealed that she tried to fit into the role of a girl-next-door look. But, she was told that she is too dark, too tall, and too broad.

“Rhea Chakraborty didn’t even offer condolences to Sushant Singh Rajput’s family” : Vikas Singh

She added that she had to continuously  try and fit in it and it really exhausted and tired her. She also went on to say that she doesn’t regret it because that was her learning to learn to come to this point of loving herself unconditionally. According to her, you have to go through a point where you actually hate yourself because when you come to this point of hating yourself so much and break into pieces, you can put yourself back together in the most beautiful way possible.


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