How to improve your immunity naturally without any supplements; stay away from covid 19

Immunity might be most used word of 2020 after covid. After all, haven’t we all been searching for things like “how to boost immune system naturally” and “how to improve immunity” online during these trying times of the covid-19 pandemic. Here are some ways

Get good sleep
When it comes to healthy living, getting enough sleep ranks on top after exercising and eating clean. Now if you’re wondering what your sleep cycle has to do with your immunity then let science do the talking.

Stay away from alcahol

Some studies shows that drinking too much alcohol can disrupt immune pathways in the body, leaving you with a reduced capability to fight off infections.

 Quit smoking
You need to quit smoking especially when we have a pandemic caused by a respiratory affliction lurking around. Smoking not just puts the health of your lungs in danger; rather, according to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it also weakens the immune system.


Science says that people who exercise tend to produce more T-cells and when you engage in moderate exercise, you end up stimulating highly-active immune cells nestled between tissues and thus enhance your body’s natural defence system.

Ayurvedic practices to fight cold and flu

Eat homely food

Junk food or highly-processed foods might ignite the body’s inflammatory response which hinders the functioning of your immune system. Home-cooked meals, regular exercise, proper sleep, and no stress, immunity will comes on your way.

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