Incredible health benefits of Besan

Besan, flour made from Chick Pea or Bengal Gram which contains fiber and nutrients is a staple in Indian kitchen ingredient. Basen has protein and vital vitamins (A and K) and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. With no gluten and low glycaemic food is used in many dishes.

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The besan can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in sauces and gravies as it blends well and gives a nutty flavor to the dish. Besan is a versatile product that not only provides good taste but is a health pack with skin lightening properties.

Basen is an alternative to eggs in many dishes. Mix with water and whip up quick dough for preparations ranging from pakoras to dhoklas to bhajis and sweets like ladoos, Mysore pak, and soan papdi, can also be made.

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This is also good for heart health. The low fiber keeps the cholesterol in check and enables the proper functioning of the heart and healthy blood circulation.  The low level of glycemic index keeps diabetes in check. Besan can be used to make chappatis and bread.

A gluten allergic person  can use Besan instead of wheat that contains gluten, also less caloric and highly nutritious than wheat.

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Besan is an excellent exfoliator for the skin. It can be used to treat pimples and acnes. It tightens and lightens the skin, helps in maintaining the elasticity. Take a spoon full of Besan, mix with a pinch of turmeric and make it a paste using milk, apply this on face and neck.

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