Want to read the deleted message of WhatsApp ? Know this trick

WhatsApp is  keep on adding new features for its users, but one feature of this app is always a problem for us, ‘delete for everyone’. Through this feature person can delete any message within five minutes. During such a situation, people often get eager to know about the deleted message. So here is  what is the way.

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There is a trick to read the deleted message. But, for this you have to download a third party app. Keep in mind that WhatsApp won’t promote such things and third party app, your privacy can also be disturbed, so use such tricks only when needed.

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To read the deleted message, you must first download the WhatsRemoved + app on your phone.  Accept the term and condition and  give access to the phone’s notifications. If you agree to this, then go to the YES option. After this, select the applications whose notifications you want to see. You have to enable WhatsApp message and then continue.  Other options will also be available which include Facebook, Instagram. Go to a page where all deleted messages will be visible.


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