Vitamin C rich foods to boost your immunity in winters

Vitamin C has several health benefits like glowing skin, fighting a cold, and boosting immunity. The vitamin c rich foods should be eaten especially during the winters to help survive the harsh weather. Our immunity in winter weakens as a start to approach because of  dry air. Make sure that you are taking in plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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Oranges are citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. There is about 128 percent of Vitamin C in one orange.


Guava is highly packed with vitamin c and nutrients. One guava has 280 percent Vitamin C. It is great to boost immunity and prevent diabetes.


This seasonal vegetable, broccoli is a good carb and rich in high fiber. Best to boost immunity and curb overeating.

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Papaya is packed with Vitamin C, loaded with Vitamin A, and antioxidants.


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