Sai Pallavi reveals why she rejected 2 crore advertisement

Sai Pallavi is an actor who does not hesitate to open up about her views. Sai Pallavi, who turned down an invitation to become a model for a cosmetics advertisement, has been eager to speak out loud about his career and life.
There are many who carry with them a sense of inferiority in the name of their own color and so on, in the beauty concepts  created by society. Why should I tell others? 
I have also tried hundreds of creams to get rid of scars and pimples on my face before ‘Premam’. I was reluctant to even go out of the house. I will stay at home. I think people look at my acne and talk. But after premam , people welcomed me with a pimple on my face. They liked me more. My younger sister is darker than me ,When she does not eat some vegetables, mother will tell her to eat all these if she wants to look like me. The poor child even she dont like it, but she eats it all. I grew up seeing all this. I am well aware of the wounds that can be inflicted on one’s mind in the name of color. I felt the need to stand with them. Not for anyone else. I should have done this for my own sister though. That was my personal decision. said Sai pallvi


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