Kerala Police formed new division to focus exclusively on social schemes

Kerala police have formed a new division to deal with exclusive socially relevant schemes of the state police. The division named social policing directorate will administer , coordinate and guide the implementation of a of all socially-relevant schemes run by the police.

Via this new division that the police would  accept sponsorships, doing joint initiatives with NGO’s and other organizations.  Government has instructed that for availing sponsorships for different programs . Before sanction from the government should be taken for availing and accepting partnerships with international agencies Unicef or other UN organizations, for better design and implementation of new programmes .

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“The idea is to consolidate all the social schemes undertaken by the police under a single umbrella so that it can be run  under the same implementation procedure without being left to the whims and fancies of individual officials. We are also preparing a standard operating procedure for all such scheme” said state police chief Loknath Behera .

They have appointed IG P Vijayan as the director of the new division .











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