Do you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach? Change this habit immediately

Getting enough sleep is very important to stay healthy and fit. Sleeping in the correct position along with sleep to stay healthy. Many people have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs. because it gives a lot of comfort. But sleeping on the stomach has a very bad effect on health. If you also have  habit of sleeping on your stomach, quit that habit today. Today we will tell you about the difficulties of sleeping on your stomach.

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Bad effect on the joints and back

Sleeping on your stomach will eventually causes joint pain, sore throat, and back pain. Which affects your health. Due to the pain, even sleep at night will be disturbed and the next day you start feeling tired.

Pain in the neck

Sleeping on your stomach causes pain in your neck. Sleeping on the stomach does not keep the head and spine straight.

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Pain in the head

Sleeping on this position can causes headaches. Lying on the stomach causes the neck to bend. Due to which the blood does not circulate properly to the head which causes headache.

Stomach stays bad

Sleeping on the stomach has adverse  effect on digestion. Sleeping in this position is not digestible. This causes gas, constipation and abdominal pain.



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