Know about world’s largest diamond

South Africa is quite famous for its diamond mines. There is a surplus of gold, diamond and coal mines from which precious metals are extracted. Almost 115 years ago, one of the largest diamonds ever was found from a similar diamond mine in South Africa.  It weighed 1.33 pounds (0.6 kg) and was named ‘Cullinan’, the largest diamond ever found.

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Cullinan was later cut into about 100 small diamonds. If the entire diamond is compared to today’s price, it will cost about 14000 crores rupees. The largest diamond is called ‘Star of Africa I’ or ‘Cullinan I’ and this 530 carat piece of diamond is the largest cut-fine quality colorless diamond in the world. The second largest diamond is ‘Star of Africa II’ or ‘Cullinan II. With ‘Cullinan III’ these two large diamonds are displayed in the Tower of London along with other crown jewels of Britain. Cullinan I is placed under the royal sovereignty of the British Sovereign, while Cullinan II is in the Imperial State Crown.

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