Health benefits of kissing

Kissing has  many benefits related to health. Health experts says a romantic kiss can reduce from 2 to 26 calories from the body. Apart from the partner, kissing family members or friends also have many mental and physical benefits.


Cortisol level is low during kissing, a person also feels stress-free. Along with kissing, affection communicates like hug or say I love you are also considered better for our psychological process.

Blood Pressure

Kissing increases the heart rate and dilates the blood vessels.’ Blood flow increases as blood vessels dilate and blood pressure decreases immediately. ‘

Relief from Headache

Due to the dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow, the problem of cramps is also relieved. Experts say that when blood pressure comes down due to dialysis of blood vessels, problems like headaches are also relieved.

Cholesterol Improvement – A romantic kissing experience is also associated with cholesterol levels in the body. In which body can maintain cholesterol level. It may also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


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