Zodiac signs who are heartbreakers

Heartbreak is hard ,we try our very best to avoid it, we tend to fall in love to experience the romance and end up getting our hearts broken. Heartbreak is difficult and it takes  time get over from it and get back on your feet. These are zodiac signs who are known to be heartbreakers.


Taureans are increasingly loving and passionate people, but they are  cold-hearted and cruel some times. They will play with your feelings and will hurt you enough for you to cry for days.

Zodiac signs who loves to flirt


They will play mind games with you and will trick you till  you believes that they are the one for you. They will first shower you with love and after you are convinced, they will scare you.


This zodiac sign are self-centred and self-obsessed people. They never consider anybody else’s needs over theirs and are capable of breaking your heart .

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