What does it mean when you see Lord Ganesha in your dream ?

Today, we share dream interpreters analyse about meaning of dreaming Lord Ganesha. Dreaming about Lord Ganesha is a good sign because he is remover of obstacles. He is worshipped before the beginning of a new venture or a project or any special occasion. Devotees of Lord Ganesha devotes him before new beginnings is to thwart hurdles that they may face.

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So, Ganesha Puja is considered important, when a person dreams about Lord Ganesha, it means that he or she will attain success and will be showered with his blessings. It that you may begin a new project or have a new beginning in your personal life. He may also appear in your dream to remind you of your pledge that you had undertaken earlier . You might have vowed to do something but had forgotten all about it. So , his appearance in your dream might be a reminder to you of the promise you had made. It suggests that people must not forget when it comes to keeping promises.


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