How change in life style affects conception

Infertility, is today a very common problem among the younger population. Many couples are going for infertility treatments. Modern lifestyle which is unhealthy can cause lifelong health issues. Not being able to conceive is one of the drawbacks of bad lifestyle choices.  Couples who want to start a family should know that their lifestyle can have a major effect to get pregnant. Here are some of these lifestyle choices which have a bearing on fertility.

Delayed pregnancy

Couples are getting married late in life and planning babies even later. Though that’s an individual choice, it’s important to know that the biological clock is ticking. By increasing age, semen quality including sperm count and motility decreases, also  quality of eggs becomes poorer as age increases . Don’t delay conception very late in life.

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Stress has important role in conception. Stress  changes the hormonal balance. It can  leads to menstrual problems like infrequent menstruation or no menstruation. Stress leads to difficulty in conception in patients of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). So avoid stress as far as possible. Do yoga and some form of meditation, listen to peaceful music and just relax.

Lack of exercise

The role of exercise in conception is seminal. Exercise 5-6 times a week. It will not stimulate the production of the feel good endorphins and helps you to maintain  ideal BMI. Being overweight or underweight is bad for conception. Obesity leads to hormonal problems as well as lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid disease, PCOS and hypertension.  Menstrual problems occur in overweight and underweight women.

Healthy diet

Add lots of green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, good fibre and proteins in your diet . Legumes and fish contain a lot of polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants as opposed to red meat, especially processed meat. A high fat diet is also known to lower sperm quality. A well-balanced diet is important. Avoid junk and  processed food. Caffeine is also not good for pregnancy. Over 2 cups of coffee a day effects pregnancy.

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