Tips to follow to make your digital banking safe

Technology has sparked an evolution in different industries. The digital payments segment is no exception. While digital payments aren’t an entirely new concept, the covid-19 has triggered the adoption of payment methods like UPI, credit/debit cards, mobile banking, etc across the country.

Safety Tips for Credit Card users

Don’t save  card details

Many  save the details to avoid entering all the details in the future and to make quicker payments. So , it is better to erase your card information after completing your online purchase to make sure it isn’t prone to the risk of being stolen.

Use a private window for transactions

Best way to protect yourselves while making digital payments is by avoiding dubious apps and websites and always relying on trusted official apps suggested in the app store.

Don’t share passwords

This is a common advice, passwords of your internet banking accounts must be extra strong, should not be shared with anyone, it should be changed regularly to avoid falling prey to cyber-attacks. Inform your bank in case you receive phony calls from anyone asking for details such as passwords or ATM PIN. It will be better to use one-time passwords (OTP) to complete your transactions as they are more secure.

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