Food items to avoid during summer

The summer has arrived, and the scorching sun have started causing  dehydration, dryness, heat strokes and other health problems. People should take good care of themselves both at home and while going out. So focus should be on the foods that become a part of our diet. Here are some list of foods that you must avoid during this season to stay healthy.

Red Meat

Avoid eating red meat because it contains fats and proteins. It is too heavy for the digestive system in summers as it triggers heat during the digestive process.

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Spicy food

Spicy foods triggers body heat and cause heat boils/eruptions on the skin. These affect the digestive process, so  avoid eating these foods during summers.

Hot beverages

Reduce drinking  tea and coffee during summers if you wish to keep your cool. Instead, drink Neembu Pani, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera, Chaas etc.

Oily food

Oily foods makes bloating, which in turn affects the digestion process. It also affect the skin. These cause acne, pimples and other eruptions during summers.

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