Zodiac signs who are toxic

Presence of toxic people are bad for your mental health. They will be  , controlling, dominating, and argumentative. They wont look at the bright side of things and tend to over complicate over dramatise and make all situations worse . They aren’t the good people to be around. Here are some zodiac signs who are toxic .


They are selfish and a little too sensitive. They easily get hurt or offended and so you will have to think twice before saying something. They are hard to hang out with as you never know what might upset them .


This zodiac sign  dominating and manipulative. They want things to be done in their own way and  never compromise or adjust. They don’t care about other people’s feelings and only pay heed to their emotions. They are also insecure and controlling and can become a bit too possessive.


Aquarians  don’t really trust people that easily so they can be pretty toxic to be around. They are hard to develop a bond with and people can thus get tired of constantly trying to prove their faithfulness.

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