Benefits of drinking rice water every day

Rice is a staple food that is easily available and highly nutritious. This white grain has multiple benefits. Rice  boiled  water after draining out the water contains starch. But, many people throw away this rice water don’t do  that anymore.

Rice water is a good source of energy. This water is packed with carbohydrates so drinking a glass of rice water in the morning every day before heading out will give you enough energy for the day.

It prevents dehydration during summer months, one has to stay hydrated to avoid weakness. Rice water is that magical potion which contains salts and minerals needed by your body .

It is an effective home remedy for viral infections. It prevents water loss due to vomiting during an infection. So , drink rice water to speed up the recovery . Drinking rice water is the best precaution to keep your body hydrated from inside out.

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