This condition is heartbreaking;Kamala Harris

US Vice President Kamala Harris has vowed to provide more assistance to India in defending covid. “Assistance to India is very important for the US,” she said.

India helped the US at the beginning of the epidemic. Now the US is committed to helping India when it needs it. Helping as a friend. “If we work together, we can overcome this,” she said

Kamala Harrison’s mother is from India. My aunt works in Chennai. Despite her close ties with India, Kamala has been criticized for not showing interest in India. Kamala said her mother was born and raised in India. Relatives live in India. covid spread in India and death is heartbreaking. The U.S. government took action as soon as the situation began to worsen.

Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators were supplied. More will be available soon. Rendesivir drug and N95 masks were delivered. Assistance will be provided until the situation is brought under control. She said the US would support India’s stand against granting intellectual property rights to covid vaccines.

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