WhatsApp Terms not accepted? The account will not be lost but will be useless

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app running under Facebook, is set to allow customers to agree to their new terms of service and privacy policy by the 15th of this month. WhatsApp has extended the deadline to May 15 amid widespread publicity and protests that the new proposals, introduced in January, are designed to pass on personal information to Facebook. “We are extending the deadline for customers to review and approve the new terms,” ​​WhatsApp said in a blog post in January.

WhatsApp recently revealed that those who do not agree to the new terms will not lose their account after May 15. “We will continue to make consumers aware of the need to accept the new terms in the coming weeks,” WhatsApp said.

More information is available on WhatsApp’s FAQ page. This morning, after May 15, you will occasionally see a notification asking you to accept the terms and conditions when you first open WhatsApp. After a few weeks the rate at which this notification is displayed will increase again (short that is almost disgusting).

WhatsApp hopes that by this time almost all users will have accepted the new terms. If not, WhatsApp call and notification services will be limited in a few days. In short what WhatsApp is used for, that usage will not happen

As mentioned earlier, if you do not agree to the terms after May 15, your account will not be deleted. But when it becomes obsolete, consumers will either be forced to accept the new terms. Otherwise you will have to switch to other instant messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

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