Soft Roti Recipe- How to make Soft Roti/Chapati

Roti or Chapati is an everyday Indian flatbread that is made with only 2 ingredients- whole wheat flour (atta) and water. Learn all the tips to make soft roti at home!

Learn all the tips and tricks to make soft roti at home.

This everyday Indian flatbread was a staple growing up, one that I ate every single day.

Roti is made of whole wheat flour and nothing else really and is eaten in India with dal and curries.

What is Roti?

In simple words, roti is a flatbread made with wholemeal wheat flour. It is known as “atta” in hindi.

Atta is also used to make other bread-like paratha and puris in India on a daily basis.

Watch this video here describing how to make soft chappathi in the easiest way


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