The Fat Shaming and sexualisation started on a much larger level than I could handle; Karthika

Body shaming – a word that has come up recently. It has been around for a long time but many have not responded.But today many reveal the ridicule they have faced.There are people today who are subjected to body shaming regardless of gender. Actress Karthika Muraleedharan also talks openly about her situation.

 I have been chubby since I was little girl and I started noticing it when I was in second grade. Fat – shaming was presistent since then till my adulthood. I was accustomed to a very strange defense to fight it. I struggled with it, mocking and hating myself.But through that I put more weight on it. When I got into the movie industry with very unhealthy beauty concepts, this ridicule was beyond what I could handle.Body weight was sexually abused there Karthika said.

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Karthika will be making her acting debut in Dulquer Salman’s CIA film. The actress also played the lead role in the Mammootty movie Uncle.


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