Kanpur groom disappears from wedding venue after jaimala, bride marries a guest

Kanpur: In an unusual incident reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a bride married one of the baraatis after the groom mysteriously disappeared from the wedding venue. The incident was reported from Maharajpur town in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

The jaimala ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange garlands had taken place. While their families were preparing for the main wedding rituals, the groom suddenly disappeared. Both the families began to hunt for the groom, but he was to be found nowhere.

After searching for a while, the bride’s family got to know that the groom was not missing. He had run away from the venue for reasons only known to him.

The bride’s family was shocked and the bride was left devastated after she was left alone at Shaadi ka mandap.

Seeing this, a baraati at the wedding suggested that the wedding could be solemnised with another suitable boy from the baraat.

The bride’s family then selected one guy from the baraat. Both the families consulted and agreed on the alliance.

The wedding was solemnised at the venue.

The bride’s family later filed a police complaint against the groom and his family members.

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