Controversial heroine Ranjitha’ !! The current life of the incredible actress!!

Ranjitha is a well-known actress. The actress had acted in the 11th film in Malayalam. The real name of the actress was Sri Valli. Ranjitha at one time was the queen who had to suppress the whole of South India. Malayalam and Tamil Nadu shone more brightly. She made her acting debut in the 1992 film ‘Nomad Thentral’ directed by Bharti Raja.

Ranjitha was the heroine of many hit films that Malayalis still want to see… The actress was the heroine of Mohanlal, Mammootty, Jayaram, and Suresh Gopi.  Later, the actress had a growth that made anyone jealous, marrying Rakesh Menon in 2000, and the relationship ended in 2007. Three years after that, a controversial video between actress Ranjitha and Swami Nithyananda came out to shock the film world and fans…

Ranjitha was later seen by everyone as an inmate of Nithyananda’s ashram, now known as ‘Maa Nithyanandamay’, after which Ranjitha controlled everything in the ashram.

The outside world has come to know about the reports that children, women, and men are being brutally sexually abused and that Ranjitha is giving all support to it.

Reports suggest that Ranjitha still controls everything by hiding with Nithyananda. Young women are admitted to the ashram after signing and obtaining consent for sex…

Nithyananda claims that he gives his devotees a sense of adoration and physical awakening through tantric sex. Swami’s life and ashram atmosphere are still full of mysteries.  This is the method of death threats and cyber attacks against those who sue Nithyananda. Anyone who files a case against Nithyananda will be intimidated by a cyber attack and life-threatening.

The story goes that young women who did not have children reached Swami’s ashram and from there gave her the pineapple worshipped and then the young women who ate it became pregnant. After this incident, Nityananda and the Ashram were famous for this. The ashram was started in 2000.

He is judged by a clown who merely makes blunders, and  It is unbelievable millions of devotees to follow and worship him in this period.

He’s still looking for an Interpol…  Despite being a criminal, he is still active on social media through videos and so on….. Nithyananda says that he now lives in a country he has taken on his own and everyone has access to it.


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