Abhirami responded sharply to the body shaming comments

The human body changes over time. There is no difference between being ordinary and being a celebrity. Personality and confidence are important, not the change of body. Actress Abhirami has come up with a response to the tendency to ridicule changes in one’s body.

In our country, when you see someone a few days later, it is natural to say comments like you looking very dull, white, thin or fat. Abhirami asks if the person who listens knows how much the comments will hurt, even if the speakers are okay with this.

Abhirami also shared a screenshot of the news about her in the online media. Body shaming was the content of the news. The headline of the news was that after the marriage, Abhirami underwent many changes and her body started showing signs of ageing. Abhirami asked if she had the same confidence in both the pictures shared with the news and what was the difference.


Abhirami also said why he talks about the body instead of talking about one’s personality and confidence and this is not a good trend.


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