Sachin Tendulkar has 2 regrets in his life ; what are they ?

Former legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is the most classy cricketer and the highest run-scorer in world cricket. But , despite having a mind blowing career, he has a couple of regrets in his life. What are they?

Imortance of work- Life balance

“I have two regrets. The first is that I have never played with Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar was my batting hero when I grew up and not playing with him as part of a team remains a regret. Gavaskar retired a couple of years before I made my debut,” Tendulkar said.

“My other regret is not having played against my childhood hero, Sir Vivian Richards. I was fortunate to have played against him in county cricket, but I still rue not being able to play against him in an international match. Even though Sir Richards retired in 1991 and we have a couple of years overlapping in our careers, we did not get to play against each other,” Tendulkar added.




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