The 8 Strangest Facts Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know

Netflix has only been around for a short time, but it has changed the way we watch shows as well as the entire TV experience. When compared to other streaming services, it has an incredible amount of amazing TV shows and dramas, but it also has a lot of strange facts that keep popping up. Their rating system is completely insane, and they would not hesitate to reveal your personal information in order to do ads or earn money. Netflix appears to have less respect for its viewers as it grows in size! Here are the eight strangest facts Netflix doesn’t want you to know.

Netflix is the creator of binge-watching, and it’s creepy.

There was no such thing as binge-watching before Netflix, but now you can do it all day if you want. As unhealthy as it may sound, we adults can choose whether or not to do it based on our free time and financial resources. Children, on the other hand, are easily influenced by the pop culture phenomenon of TV shows and video games. Netflix does something strange: it encourages binge-watching by creating special awards and badges for children who watch specific TV shows. It does not appear to be a good situation!

Their rating system is ridiculous.

As bad as the 5-star rating system was, it did allow you to leave a comment and a certain number of stars explaining why you liked or disliked the show. You can’t even do that anymore! Netflix decided that those reviews were superfluous and simply wiped them all away, clearing the way for the new rating system – a simple thumbs up/down system. However, the number of stars you saw did not represent the show’s actual ranking. It turns out that Netflix divides people into groups based on their interests and the shows they watch, so you’d only see the ratings of that group, not all people!

pirates are looking for information about your account.

On the so-called dark Internet, Netflix account information is extremely popular. Hackers would use it to get access to personal information they could later use to scam you or people you know, and shady people would buy it to get Netflix access without paying the full price for the shows.

Customers who are deaf are still waiting for captions.

After being sued in 2011 for neglecting their viewers who were deaf or had hearing problems, Netflix did create captions for the majority of its shows and movies. Another issue quickly surfaced: some of the captions were so bad that they effectively spoiled the entire show for the audience! Large swaths of dialogue were omitted, and the overall production quality was appalling. Netflix, so much for treating all of your viewers equally!

Netflix is looking for information on pirate sites.

Netflix monitors traffic on the most popular pirate sites in order to offer only the most popular shows that will attract a large number of viewers (who will, of course, pay money). They keep track of which TV shows and movies are most frequently downloaded and then turn it into their own content, which they sell for a fee. It’s an unattractive plan, but it works.

Netflix is getting more expensive, offering you less

Now, this isn’t something that many people notice because Netflix still has a large library of movies and TV shows to choose from (around 4,000), but if you go back to 2014, you’ll notice that the streaming service had a much larger library with around 6,500 movies and 1,600 TV shows. And here’s the worst part: The prices have risen dramatically! As a result, you’re getting less for paying more, which isn’t ideal. Netflix, on the other hand, has a lot of original content, so there’s that.

Disney is ditching Netflix

Yes, all Disney content will soon be removed from Netflix as the company prepares to launch its own streaming service, Disney+. This means that Disney will remove all Disney-produced movies and shows from Netflix, making them only available on their own new streaming channel. This means that Netflix will have even less original content!

Binge-watching is bad for your health.

This may come as a surprise to some, but binge-watching is extremely harmful to your health. It can cause a slew of mental health issues, raise stress and anxiety levels, make people more antisocial, and, in the worst-case scenario, ruin their relationships with the people they care about. It can become an addiction that has a direct impact not only on the health of your brain, but also on the state of your body as you move less, eat unhealthy foods, and spend a lot of free time watching the show instead of doing a variety of other activities that would get you out in the sunlight. And as you get used to the show, you actually enjoy it.

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