Look for THESE 4 indicators to see if he is too immature for you.

There may be times when you know how to handle situations and know how to handle them, but your partner does not. You understand how to deal with and control your emotions, whereas your partner is simply too immature to do so. To say the least, this can be aggravating.

As a partner, you may feel helpless and lost because you are the only mature, grown-up person in the relationship who always has to bear the burden, while your partner is busy cribbing over trivial issues or attempting to satisfy their ego and childish demands. If you suspect you’re dating an immature man, keep an eye out for these four telltale signs.

They don’t have any plans for the future.

Because they are immature and childish, they will never consider the future, whether it is their own or the future of the relationship. They will only live in the present moment, and when asked about their future plans, they will give you a blank and clueless expression!

They flee from responsibilities.

They are not accustomed to dealing with situations or people on their own. So, in order to maintain this unhealthy habit, they will avoid their responsibilities, and it will be their responsibility to clean up their mess all of the time.

They make you feel isolated.

Because you are the only responsible adult in the relationship, it is your responsibility to pamper them, attend to their emotional needs, and make the relationship work. And when you need a break from it all and some emotional support, they simply aren’t there.

They contain grudges.

They will hold grudges and behave petty if they are immature. They will never forgive others and will always hold on to painful memories and experiences because they lack the emotional maturity to move on.

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