COVID-19: 14,087 cases on Saturday, and the TPR remain above 10%.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala recorded 14,087 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, bringing the state’s total to 30,53,116.

As many as 11,867 people were cured of the infection, bringing the total number of people cured to 29,22,921.

The number of active cases reached 1,15,226 during Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s customary sunset briefing. For the past ten days, the caseload has remained above one lakh.

In the last 24 hours, 1,31,682 samples were tested, with a 10.7 percent test positivity rate. The seven-day average test positivity rate is 10.4 percent. In the last three days, the TPR has been 10.6 percent.

With the addition of 109 deaths on Saturday, the state’s death toll has risen to 14,489.

53 of the positive cases were health workers, 98 were from outside the state, and 13,240 were infected through contact. The source of 696 of them’s infection is unknown.

Key points from the CM’s press meet:

• It is impossible to extend lockdown indefinitely, according to the CM’s press conference. This is why the government is gradually easing restrictions. However, some people have been caught abusing the relaxations.

• Kerala reported a lower number of Covid deaths than many other states, and the ICMR commended the state’s efforts.

• Kerala’s goal had been to instil herd immunity in as many people as possible.

• Vaccinated individuals must continue to wear masks to avoid re-infection and spreading the disease to others.

• New Bevco counters will be opened to alleviate crowding in front of liquor stores. There are also plans to open prepaid counters.

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