“OTTs have broken ‘Bollywood formula'”: Priyanka Chopra

Global star Priyanka Chopra Jonas says that people should welcome online streaming platforms because they have not only allowed the audience to consume different stories but also democratised the film industry.

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Actor who made her digital debut with Netflix ,The White Tiger this year, said that streaming platforms have made makers think outside  Bollywood formula. “That’s what you’re seeing in Indian cinema the freedom of streaming services is allowing people to have larger thoughts than the formula that existed before. “That there should be five songs, a fight sequence. That formula has gone away. Now people want to tell great, real stories, with which they identify,” said priyanka.

“It’s amazing because it gives new writers, actors, filmmakers an opportunity to come into an industry that was monopolised for a long time by very specific number of people. It’s a great time for growth, entertainment and specifically for Indian cinema,” Priyanka added

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