Incredible benefits of glycerine for skin

Glycerine is a magic potion for dry and dehydrated skin. Also known as glycol is used in cosmetics like creams, moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners. Use glycerine on lips to avoid dryness. You can replace those expensive lip balms with glycerine to get naturally soft lips.

Removes Dryness

Glycerine is an great moisturiser for skin. Regular usage  on your skin will keep it moist and fresh. If you have a dry, flaky skin, then bring glycerine to your skincare routine to avoid dryness.

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Maintains pH Balance

Glycerine maintains the pH balance of your skin. Its regular usage will reduce the water loss in your skin. It creates a layer of moisture on your skin and protects from UV rays, keeping your skin healthy and shiny.

Removes dead skin

Glycerine breaks down the proteins in dead skin cells and removes them from our skin. This helps in generation of new skin cells, giving you a clear and healthy skin.





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