6 Must-Know Skincare Tips for Monsoon Brides

Because of the high humidity, skin becomes extra oily and sweaty during the monsoon season. So, if you’re getting married during the monsoon, here are some essential skincare tips for all monsoon brides.

Try DIY stuff

During the monsoon season, it is best to avoid the market’s available products because they are loaded with a lot of chemicals. Instead, try some do-it-yourself skin-care projects. And for scrubbing, you’ll need a sugar and lemon juice or honey mixture. Honey can also be combined with oats. Then use ice cubes to tone the skin, or simply apply rose water to get a soothing feeling. To remove dead skin cells and give your skin a new glow, apply a mask made of mashed banana and honey.

To make the skin supple

The more supple your skin, the easier it is to apply makeup. So, to keep it supple throughout the monsoon, give it a good face massage with essential oils. You can turn it into a DIY facial by combining it with common kitchen ingredients. You don’t always have to rush to the salon to get glowing skin. DIY methods are always viable options.

Contemporary makeup

All monsoon brides should use modern makeup to allow it to last longer and settle properly on the skin so that it does not look made-up. Contemporary makeup is a fine blend of classic and modern looks in which one feature is highlighted and the overall appearance is elegant and effortless. Because the weather is so humid during the monsoon, this type of makeup is easy to wear throughout the wedding ceremony.

Don’t use creamy products

Because there is already a lot of humidity in the air, try to avoid using cream-based products and instead opt for powder-based ones. Creamy products will make your skin extra oily and sweaty, giving it a cakey appearance.

Use ice before makeup

Because of the humidity, skin easily becomes oily and sweaty during the monsoon. To avoid this, rub ice cubes on your face for 10 minutes before applying makeup. This will calm your nerves, reduce sweating and pores, and refresh your skin.

Avoid glittery stuff

All glittery makeup products should be avoided because they will make your skin sweat more. For the monsoon, try to use matte products and keep your makeup to a minimum. Don’t go too far.

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