How to buy concealer, foundation and primer that perfectly match your skin tone

If you ae someone who likes to apply makeup  buying the right products is important . You cannot try, too much when you are purchasing beauty items like foundation, concealer or a primer because these are the base products and you cant remove them once applied full makeup. If you have applied a foundation lighter than your skin tone, you cannot even that out later when your entire makeup is done. to prevent such things we have some ways to pick correct primer, foundation, and concealer.

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Primers  even tone your skin and make it into a clear canvas for makeup to be applied on and they combat the issue of dry to excessively oily skin for the makeup to last longer. People with dry skin type should go for oil or cream-based primers and those with oily skin go for gel-based primers.


Foundation unifies your complexion. It covers spots and dark patches. To choose the right foundation, apply the some on your jawline. choose the correct one.


Pick a yellow-based concealer if you have light to medium skin tone and purchase an orange-based concealer if you have a medium to darker skin tone.

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