Russia Vetoes UN Resolution on Nuclear Arms Race in Space

Russia has vetoed a UN resolution sponsored by the US and Japan aimed at preventing a dangerous nuclear arms race in outer space. The resolution, which received 13 votes in favor and saw China abstaining, called on all nations to refrain from developing or deploying nuclear arms or other weapons of mass destruction in space.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield expressed concern over Russia’s veto, questioning Moscow’s intentions despite President Putin’s assurance that Russia has no plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space. The resolution followed reports of Russia acquiring anti-satellite weapon capability, heightening tensions regarding space militarization.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia criticized the resolution as “absurd and politicized,” proposing an amendment broadening the scope of the arms race to include all types of weapons, not just nuclear. The proposal failed to garner enough support for adoption.

The defeated resolution underscored the importance of preventing an arms race in outer space for global peace and security. It emphasized compliance with international law, including the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned of heightened nuclear warfare risks, emphasizing the urgency of preventing a doomsday scenario akin to Oppenheimer’s nuclear legacy. The resolution aimed to bolster efforts at the UN Conference on Disarmament to negotiate agreements on space arms control.

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