Is Hungama 2 a remake of Mohanlal’s , Minnaram? Priyadarshan reveals

Trailer of Hungama 2 is out now and  there have been conversations that its official remake of Mohanlal’s malayalam Minnaram. Netizens pointed out similarities between the two films. Priyadarshan was asked if it’s actually a remake of the Malayalam film he said  “It’s actually based on Minnaram, but not a remake of that film. Minnaram was a tragic film with the second half revolving around how the girl dies of cancer. That aspect is completely removed.”

“I have used only the first half of Minnaram and rewrote the second half completely to make it an out and out comedy film. The original was a tragedy, this is a comedy.” Priyadarshan says the biggest challenge of remaking his own film rests in finding an actor of Mohanlal’s caliber. “The biggest challenge is getting another actor like Mohanlal. Once that is done, everything else is fine.” he added .

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