What is the significance of Ayush medicine? The IMA is opposed to combining Ayush and MBBS internships

According to a draught of a new internship practise for MBBS doctors proposed by the National Medical Commission, MBBS graduates will be required to undergo a mandatory one-week elective posting in any Ayush medicine branch – Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Homeopathy, Sidhha, and Sowa-Rigpa. The Indian Medical Association has filed an objection to the draught, claiming that combining modern and traditional medicine will result in mixopathy, an issue that the doctors’ association has been fighting tooth and nail.

Instead of incorporating a completely different system for a week, there are many other branches of modern medicine that can be included in the internship, such as family medicine, bioethics, and so on. The IMA has written to the National Medical Commission expressing its unequivocal opposition to the proposal.

An MBBS graduate must complete one year of internship after four years of medical school. “Internship is a period in which what you have learned will be practised. Because medical graduates do not have the option of learning Ayush during their undergraduate years, it is not appropriate for him to come and practise in Ayush. The IMA wants the system’s purity to be maintained and not contaminated “Dr. Jayalal, president of the IMA, stated.

In February, the association launched an agitation against the proposal of mixopathy, in which a single doctor practises all branches of medicine. It was stated that mixopathy is bad for the healthcare system because doctors who practise all branches of medical science will lack in-depth knowledge of any particular system of medicine.

During the IMA’s battle with Patanjali Ayurved, it reiterated the point and objected to the Uttarakhand government’s decision to include Coronil in the Covid-19 kit, claiming that it would be’mixopathy’ once again.

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