The Social Justice Department has launched an investigation into the death of a transgender activist

B Bindu, Minister for Social Justice, has launched an investigation into the death of transgender activist Anannyah Kumari Alex, who was discovered hanging in a flat in Ernakulam on Tuesday.

Following allegations that Anannyah was traumatised as a result of complications from a sex reassignment surgery, minister Bindu stated that the secretary of the social justice department will conduct a thorough investigation.

“I called the DMO this morning and told them that a senior team of doctors needed to perform the post-mortem and submit a detailed report as soon as possible,” Minister R Bindu told to media.

Health Minister Veena George has also directed that an investigation into the incident be conducted.

Meanwhile, the Social Justice Department has decided to hold a Transgender Justice Board meeting on July 23 to discuss “issues confronting the transgender community.”
“The importance of developing guidelines for sex reassignment surgery will be discussed. The possibility of establishing transgender clinics where such surgeries can be performed will also be discussed “According to a press release issued by the social justice department.
In response to allegations that Anannyah was tortured by a private hospital in Ernakulam after questioning the surgery that resulted in complications, the minister’s office stated that action will be taken against such centres that exploit transgender people.

Alex’s father claims that the staff of a private hospital where she underwent sex reassignment surgery physically assaulted her twice. He told Manorama Online that she was under a lot of stress after the incident, which allegedly caused physical problems.

Ananya made headlines during the Kerala assembly elections after becoming the first transgender person to file nomination papers.

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