When a man is angry and defensive, there are seven techniques to calm him down

One of the many natural human emotions is rage. Every now and then, we all feel furious, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing it. Everyone, however, needs to recognize and appreciate where the line between rage and overreaction is drawn. It is not appropriate to become violent and confrontational. Furthermore, it is critical to recognize and assist your spouse if he becomes angry or defensive for whatever reason. Here are 7 strategies to calm down a man who is angry and defensive to assist you.

Treat his rage as a cry for assistance.

It’s possible that your husband’s or boyfriend’s rage stems from psychological pain. As a result, provide him a hand. Inquire if there’s anything you can do to help him feel better. Making an effort to comprehend what has enraged him can assist him in dealing with it more effectively.

Try to be quiet

t is quite natural when your lover is angry to flare your anger. But the tension will simply increase your counter-attack. Even though it’s hard to keep patient and calm. Breathe and react carefully as you feel your temper rise.

Make him emotionally secure

When he’s upset, tell your husband calming things and don’t criticise him. Listen to him carefully, and let him feel supported emotionally. Remember, males just like women need emotional security.

Compassion Practice

The remedy you are looking for is turning the hostile sentiments of your angry husband into love and tenderness with pity. Compassion for his strong reactions can contribute to the healing of both of you.

​Listen to him actively

Don’t wait for him to complete speaking before you begin speaking. Use direct communication and reflective listening. Make certain to reaffirm anything your partner says to you. He won’t feel connected unless you understand what he’s saying or going through.

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