4 BEST ways to enjoy the monsoon season, according to Pandemic Positivity

When it rains, the world appears to be more beautiful and fresh. The sound of showers on the ground is almost meditative. The earthy scent of wet mud, known as petrichor, is undoubtedly the nicest aspect of rain. As the weather cools, all you want to do is stand and marvel at the natural beauty.

There are a few things that one may do to make those rainy days even more enjoyable and indulgent. Take a look at four different ways to spend rainy days that are both peaceful and revitalising.

Take a walk

Take a walk in the rain if your immunity permits it so you can feel the wet grass on your bare feet and enjoy the chilly weather. If it is raining excessively, you can always bring an umbrella with you.

Make content

Because the monsoon season isn’t going to last long, record as many videos as you can to ensure you remember when it poured cats and dogs. You may even record yourself getting soaked in the rain and share it on social media!

Cooking Maggi

Maggi is the quintessential comfort food that goes well with rainy days. So go into the kitchen and quickly prepare these 2-minute noodles to enjoy on your balcony while admiring the beautiful weather.


Get a book to read.

You don’t want to go downstairs in the rain, do you? Then you can always sit on your balcony and read a book while enjoying the weather.

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