What is Giloy? What are its benefits ?

Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb suggested by ayurveda for so many years. Giloy is also known as Amrita which means “the root of immortality” because it is rich in medicinal values.

Boosts immunity

Giloy can be used for many health problems. It strengthens  immunity and has compounds like alkaloids and lactones which balances blood sugar levels and detoxes the body.  Thus helps your body and boost its energy and immunity levels.

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Reduces stress

Today is  stress a major concern. Giloy helps in getting rid of toxins and calms down your mind. Stress is commonly seen in adult with poor lifestyle and eating dis orders which makes it more toxic. Giloy is a rescue herb to reduce your stress levels.


Giloy has anti-arthritic properties which heals arthritis. Giloy can improve your condition if you have it and  drinking Giloy juice you can change your body and treats it better.

Respiratory Problems

Medicinal properties in Giloy helps in reducing respiratory problems. Giloy is one of the most used herb these days and can be very good for respiratory problems.

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