Vastu tips to bring warmth and positive vibe in your home

We all tend to do certain mistakes in home décor as per the Vastu , it might bring bad luck for your home and family. So, to avoid these and bring  positive energy, health, wealth and prosperity, never do this  common mistakes as per Vastu.

Simple bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

Avoid dark colours

Colours can make you sad, happy, have the power to heal you, depress you So, avoid dark colours and opt for the bright ones always. It will bring positive vibes

Avoid cactus and thorny plants

Cactus and thorny plants should never be kept in the home as per Vastu. Red flowers and bonsai trees should be placed outside of the house.

Clutter-free bedroom

Clutter in your bedroom can have bad effects on your family according to Vastu. So, always keep your bedroom clutter free and clean .

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