The Supreme Court has denied Robin Vadakkumchery’s and a rape survivor’s requests for permission to marry

The Supreme Court dismissed petitions filed by Robin Vadakkumchery, the accused in the Kottiyoor rape case, and the survivor seeking bail to marry each other.
While rejecting the petitions, the court stated that the petitioners could appeal to the Supreme Court for a decision on the marriage.

Previously, the Kerala government had opposed Robin Vadakkumchery’s bail application in the Supreme Court. Robin Vadakkumchery applied for a short-term bail in order to marry the rape survivor. The woman later filed a plea requesting the same thing.

Though the government did not object to Robin Vadakkumchery’s request for permission to marry, Adv Harin P Rawal, who represented the state in the case, asked the court not to grant him bail.

The rape survivor petitioned the court, claiming that she must marry Robin Vadakkumchery in order to record his name as father in her son’s school records.


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