Priyanka Chopra recalls how she, Katrina Kaif, and Alia Bhatt ‘stuck together’ to make Jee Le Zara a reality

Farhan Akhtar unveiled his next big project on the 20th anniversary of Dil Chahta Hai. If you haven’t heard, the Akhtar siblings are working on another road trip, this time with an all-female ensemble. Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and Alia Bhatt will star in Jee Le Zara, a road trip film. Priyanka shared on Tuesday how the concept came about and how the girls stayed connected despite their hectic schedules.

“Let’s rewind,” Priyanka wrote, “to me musing about wanting to do another Hindi movie ASAP, on an unusually rainy night in Mumbai in Nov 2019. But it had to be the right one – different, cool, never been done before… I thought. The idea grew into a movie helmed by an all-female cast. There are not enough Hindi movies that are female multi-starters.

She went on, “Katrina, Alia, and I joyfully gathered in February 2020 (as seen in this photo), just before the world ended, to decide who we might trust to bring this vision to life for us, and our decision was unanimous… Farhan and Ritesh, as well as Zoya and Reema. We had all previously worked with @excelmovies and @tigerbabyfilms, so this sounded ideal. Farhan happened to be working on a female road trip movie at the same time! All of the planets are aligned!!”

Priyanka went on to say, “And now we’ve arrived… #JeeLeZaraa… It only took three years to get all of our schedules in sync, but we persevered and succeeded! This one is dedicated to sisters, friendship, and breaking the mould!! I’m excited to hit the road with Aloo and Katty. My heart is happy. We’ll see you at the movies. @katrinakaif @aliaabhatt @faroutakhtar @zoieakhtar @reemakagti1 @ritesh sid @excelmovies @tigerbabyfilms @whenchedaimettoast”

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