The petition against Nadirshah’s film ‘Eesho’ has been dismissed by the court

The High Court in Kochi has dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) filed against the film ‘Eesho.’ The Christian Association for Social Action had petitioned for an injunction to prevent the film from being released. A number of pastors and believers have accused the film of offending Christians’ religious feelings.

The petition was dismissed by a bench led by the Chief Justice. The bench stated that the court could not intervene in this case solely because the film’s title refers to a god.

In Nadirshah’s Eesho, Jayasurya will play the lead role. As soon as the film’s poster was released, the controversy erupted. The poster also stated, ‘Not from the Bible.’ Following numerous complaints, the tagline was removed and a new poster was released. Filmmakers and religious experts have come out in support of Nadirshah.

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