Caught on camera: Indore woman falls under moving train, but is saved by co-passengers’ alertness- Watch

A woman traveler had a near-fatal experience at a train station after falling near the train. The event occurred at a railway station in the Madhya Pradesh city of Indore when the woman was attempting to board a moving train.

According to the officials, she was spared due to the attentiveness of fellow passengers on the train in Indore. The incident occurred on Tuesday, according to Railway PRO Khemraj Meena.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the incident is circulating on social media sites, showing the train accelerating and leaving the station as the woman tries to board and falls to the ground.

The woman was on her way to catch a train with a man and a child. The guy and the child boarded the train after keeping their luggage inside. “The woman slipped and fell off the moving train and became trapped between the station and the platform,” Meena explained.

“Because of the vigilance of fellow passengers, they pulled the link on time, causing the train to stop and the woman to be saved,” he continued.

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